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captioned by the national captioning institute >> it was a life-threatening situation. we have a report that could change your habits. a school wrestling referee surprising arrest spread the disturbing sexual evidence found. michelle rhee goes on the oprah.
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the stars are back. the big-name star who told the show, thanks, but no thanks. >> this is abc 7 news at 11. >> we begin tonight with an alert for parents. >> a man faces some serious legal troubles to night after he is charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. we're told that he interacted with students at area schools. >> could it have been -- >> we would have never known. >> nabors set a month ago, she saw firefighters entering his place after the apartment next door, fire.
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>> they went to check the next house. they saw there was nothing wrong with it. they found all that stuff. >> the fairfax county fire marshal's office did notified them that the child pornography was found in his home. at queens says that he worked for the metropolitan airport authority. he also judges wrestling matches four middle schools and high schools across northern virginia. the wrestling association confirms that heat judged matches for the past eight years and it performed skin checks on the students before they got on the mat. he has been suspended indefinitely. >> whenever there is someone like that, the neighborhood should be informed. >> a spokesman says that it sent
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a no trespassing letter to him. loudon county schools and tell us that they do not know if he was a referee for them. and the fbi says it needs your help to try to find a dangerous serial robert that has struck across the region. here is some surveillance video. he has a large build and blue or green eyes. the suspect is responsible for some 38 armed robbery since february of last year. a new charges have been filed against the woman accused of driving drunk and heading into college student in adams morgan. they have now charged her with involuntary manslaughter. it amended its original charge
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of aggravated assaults. one of the victims died last week she had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. president obama makes remarks about the country's struggle out of recession. the president was in philadelphia. later, he was in campaign mode. >> we need to come together around a great project of american renewal. we will restore our economy and rebuild our middle-class. >> later today, he said that there is little to celebrate over the report showing that the recession ended more than a year ago. instead, he is calling for for a continuance of the tax cuts. the number of children who
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have acquired a food allergy is rising at alarming rates. >> just 20 years ago, having a food allergy was rare. these days, basic foods, milk, eggs, peanuts, are sending thousands of children to the hospital with life-threatening symptoms. >> this 10 year-old shared this list with everyone. >> beans, peanuts, that shrank. >> even accidental contact can be devastating. >> my throat will start to hurt. >> every six months, doctors and nurses monitor his reactions to potential allergens. it turns out that more and more children are testing positive to a food allergy each year.
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>> it is entirely true that a generation ago, did not hear about all these children with food allergies. >> in 1997, fewer than 1 million children are allergic to peanuts. 10 years later, that number has more than tripled. in the d.c. area, there are about 50,000 children with a food allergy. a simple mistake with any of these children can turn fatal. >> children can die from allergic reactions. >> last year, he was told that they talk a served at lunch time had -- did not have been in it. but it did. >> he is paranoid about everything that he eats. >> it is a concern that every student, teacher, and parents to be aware of. >> keep these kids safe.
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>> at this point, doctors do not know why they are seeing more children with a food allergy. there is no cure. doctors say a lot of research is under way. d.c. prepares to host the nation's second distracted driving summits. a new federally funded summit will be unveiled tomorrow. participants are expected to focus on the effects of text messaging. last year, the summit led to president obama citing a federal order banning government employees from taxing. -- texting. a taste of our september time of the year. we have dried air. look at the temperatures right
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now. many spots are into the 60's. missouri spots right now or entities 50's. you can see all around clarksburg. it will be a cold night, a delightful day tomorrow. i am going to show you jupiter like he may have not ever seen it before. on we are following a developing story from utah. a national guard commander in has taken the blame for a destructive wildfires that led to hundreds of evacuations. the commander spoke less than 30 minutes ago. >> we have had many fires out here. >> strong winds served as fuel for a utah while top -- wildfire. at least four homes were destroyed overnight. >> it is only as good as the mother nature will let us be
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right now. >> the fire was sparked sunday. >> i could hardly run to the car. >> monday, the utah national guard commander apologized, saying they did not check whether advisories. >> we are very concerned. >> as firefighters battled the blaze, some of their told in the arsenal are coming into question. not enough protection for animals, especially endangered species. >> we have seen a major fish killed when retardants bomber runs have made. hundred and founded a fish killed, including endangered fish.
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officials say residents could be allowed back in as early as monday evening. that will depend on how containment efforts are going. a well-known stars says she was asked to join "dancing with the stars." rumors surrounding the facebook. what went rival on the internet. >> the so-called caffeine crime. what happened between a husband and wife and his said caffeine was to blame. >> one of the most talked-about figures in the district of columbia appears on the oprah winfrey
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. the mystery over michelle rhee and your future is gaining more nationwide interest. >> she pulled no punches while
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speaking with oprah winfrey. >> a lot of mystery surrounding what will happen next. the fate of education in the district and also the fate of d.c. chancellor michelle rhee has been the talk of this city for the last several days. she was on the oprah winfrey show. >> you now know that this is a warrior woman. >> michelle rhee made headlines when she fired hundreds of teachers and closed schools. she would not apologize for her distaste of dysfunction in the classroom. >> we had a teacher in a district who over a decade, but beat -- would be awol.
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she started falling asleep in class. >> her future remained uncertain after adrian fenty lost the democratic primary. >> i have had a lot of complimentary things to say about michelle rhee. >> he insists that he needs more time to determine her fate. >> i am committed to continuing with education reform. >> despite the speculation and worry, this long-term resident is not concerned with or without michelle rhee. >> i think she did a good job, but it is not about one person. >> we know that they are expected to meet sometime this week to discuss provision, her future, to see if the two can work together. we hear that meeting might be wednesday.
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it is still cloaked in quite a bit of a mystery. mr. gray has not talked directly to candidates for that chancellor list. we are hearing from the family of the johns hopkins doctor who was shot in the hospital. his family issued a statement saying that he is recovering and is in good condition. they appreciate the outpouring of support and concern for the doctor, but they are asking -- asking for privacy. a husband on trial for killing his wife claims that too much caffeine lead to a false confession. the defense argued that caffeine from its soda, energy drinks, and diet pills left him so mentally unstable that he confessed to the killing.
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his argument is a twist on a previous defense strategy. the caffeine makes him temporarily insane when he strangled his wife. >> > a new case of bedbugs is popping up in frederick county. per county public libraries have temporarily closed the library after employees spotted bed bugs inside a book there. library officials locked the materials inside a truck. did not believe everything you read on the internet. facebook says it is not getting into the fund business break the rumors began sunday. a spokeswoman denied that story and facebook is only) -- closely working with the fall and manufacturers. rachael ray says she was
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courted to join deangelo hal"dah the stars." she said she will stick to dancing around her dining room. >> that is a great move. >> do not hold your breath, my friend. >> next season prate let's start a petition. >> he prefers to dance in his dining room, too. >> a beautiful evening. i want to show you something that you've probably not seen. i had my telescope out. there is the beautiful harvest man. that beautiful object to the left of it. it will get even closer and closer. it is the planet jupiter. there is jupiter. if you look closely, you can see
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the four moons. you can see those because jupiter is now closer than it has been since the 1950's. our temperature outside right now is 67 degrees. how far away is jupiter? it is only the 33 white minutes away. it is closer than it has been since the 1960's. if you get binoculars out, you can see those moons of jupiter. howard university, it is going to be a cool morning. temperatures are in the 60's. tomorrow, we will see temperatures in the 50's. 58 degrees right now in vienna, virginia.
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here is what is going on in the tropics. igor has become a nasty storm in the north atlantic. there is bermuda -- that was earlier today. it is a cold storm. we begin with temperatures up again above-average. eight of the first nine months we had this year, to a mergers have been above average. memphis is 100 degrees today, a record high. even right now, temperatures in memphis are in the 80's. later on in the week, we will be seeing a return of that warm air. but not tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow morning could be in need 40's for you folks out in the shenandoah valley.
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as we get on into wednesday and thursday, a little touch of humanity might give us a little chance of an afternoon shower. primarily, out in the mounds of west virginia. -- mountains of west virginia. >> it is so beautiful. ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet,
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yesterday's loss to the texan, it has caused a hanover out at redskin park. i will tell you about this and the outcome, next in sports.
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>> the redskins realized the gold and copper steady slip away in the fourth quarter. the frustration still lingers.
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deangelo hall -- >> it does not matter what he says. i will follow receiver around. we will go back to the drawing board. it will not happen like that again. >> deangelo hall has now backed off that statement. another hot topic tonight is albertine's worth. -- albert haynesworth. >> it could have been better, it could have been worse. in knows? >> we are a lot better with him. >> houston beat washington again tonight. we will go to baseball.
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the final tonight was 8-2. we will pick it up in the fifth inning. hernandez pros a ball and he checks into right field. houston beat washington 8-2. look scott, look at this pitch. he scores easily. the birds have won 11 of their 18 games. fans are still talking about the mascot mugging in columbus over the weekend. here we go. you think this is not a cheap shot? here he comes. he has been banned from the games. he does not even go to the school. he is enrolled at nearby hockey college. bobcat's coach said ohio needed
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to tackle somebody with a ball, not the mascot. he was escorted out. finally, all of the maryland fans, they are on high alert. they are favored by two touchdowns. you are very proud of your bobcats. >> we'
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> a nice day coming up. a coal beginning. temperatures start out in the 50's.
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